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Hudson Humor

by David Hostetler [posted 20090115:18:42 (Thu)]
Hudson Humor

Comments following the US Airways flight 1549 crash into the Hudson river provided today's Moment of Marvelous Mirth:

Ben: So why are some people standing in 12 inches of water, while others are being rescued in a raft?

ellen: because they're in first class. ;)

It's ok to laugh because noone died in the crash (at least, as of reports immediately following).

Of course, a hilarious irony would be if the crash was caused by someone on the plane twittering away during takeoff, screwing up the plane's electronics systems like they keep trying to scare us about.  But no, that wouldn't happen because the threat of plane crashes from onboard cellular use is bunk.

Note that I still think twitter does little but masquerade aggrandized minutia as discourse.